evox Brand Image

I created this image to reflect the many facets of multi-cultural, active, healthy and community engagement.

evox Better Life

This was created to promote Better Life cleaning products on evoxMarketplace.

evox Spring Cleaning

This was created to promote the and evoxMarket Amazon store’s Spring Clean promotion.

evox Organic Hobo

This composite image was created to promote the evox program Organic Hobo.

evox Valentine’s Night

This was the main graphic created to promote the evoxMarketplace’s Valentine’s Night Collection in 2015.

evox Market Amazon Store

I built this store (without tutorials!) one day after Amazon pulled support on personalized stores. While it was an uphill battle creating my first website, it was an exciting challenge. I also created the graphics to promote one of evox’s biggest sellers – Teeccino.

evox Social Media

This was created as a social media graphic to promote smoking cessation.

evox Original Series

We shot interviews with outstanding companies at the 2015 Natural Products Expo in Anaheim, California This image was created using a screenshot of stock footage purchased from Videoblocks.

Gnipoos Collection

I was asked to write the copy for noted designer Soo Ngai’s handbag collection.

Gnipoos Katherine

“Katherine is the perfect bag for cruising on a scooter, stopping at a coffee shop, going for a walk through the park, or taking the big leap into a fabulous future. Her simple pockets provide just enough space for your essentials, but her clean lines and style complement, rather than overpower, your outfit.”

Gnipoos Nadia

“Nadia is our ‘go-to gal.’ She’s the friend you’ll turn to when you’re carrying an extra load. Strong but beautiful, quirky but down-to-Earth, high-class but low-maintenance. Nadia is Miss Dependable. The perfect choice you’ll reach for time and time again.”

Gnipoos Jess

“Jess is equally at home in Manhattan or Martha’s Vineyard. She’s the woman who fits in everywhere and is right for any occasion. Jess’s buttery soft leather can go with you 24/7, making her a handbag for all seasons.”

Gnipoos Portia

“Portia’s father wrote in The Merchant of Venice that ‘All that glitters is not gold.’ Our Portia proves the point in silver. She’s the modern woman, ready to jet to Italy or Paris. And while Shakespeare’s Portia was a wealthy heiress, you won’t need her 6,000 ducats to experience the luxury of finely crafted leather.”

ION Television

As Director of Program Planning and Acquisitions, part of my job was to create the monthly highlights marketing document, which was distributed to the sales department to help them sell ad time on the network. I won a Silver Addy Award from the American Advertising Federation for a sizzle reel script, wrote an upfront comedy … Continue reading ION Television